Since 2014, Bear Studios has provided the most talented undergraduates with opportunities to freelance and provide startups and companies with business, design, and technology services and solutions.

Bear Studios offers our client businesses, which have ranged from major universities and national healthcare systems, to software and biomedical companies, a fresh perspective.

We seek to leverage our fellows' innovative mindsets and diverse skill-sets to give our clients a cost-effective alternative to the traditional consultancy, design, or development firm.



Our Bear Studios fellows in design pride themselves in creating exceptional work that is clear, streamlined, and sure to catch the eye of any beholder.


Our premier area of expertise, we specialize in guiding startups through their initial stages and in providing pre-existing businesses a fresh perspective.


Our experienced team has the capabilities for software development, Android and iOS application development, and Web Development.

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Our Team

Bear Studios is supported by its amazing fellows to provide our clients with the highest quality service ever single day.


Avi Felman

Co-Founder, Director



Peter Delaney

Co-Founder, Director

St. Louis

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Bill Feng


St. Louis

  Will Papper   Technology

Will Papper Technology

  Syed Ahsan   Strategy

Syed Ahsan Strategy

  Jacob Finke   Strategy

Jacob Finke Strategy

  Bradford Orr   Strategy

Bradford Orr Strategy

  Camille Bianco   Strategy

Camille Bianco Strategy

  Leona Chen   Design

Leona Chen Design

  Nathan Gitter   Tech

Nathan Gitter Tech

  Tommy Elzinga   Strategy

Tommy Elzinga Strategy

  Daniel Mangum   Tech

Daniel Mangum Tech

  Michael Greer   Tech

Michael Greer Tech

  Andreas Larsen   Strategy

Andreas Larsen Strategy

  Lexi Jackson   Strategy

Lexi Jackson Strategy

  Chantal Jahchan   Design

Chantal Jahchan Design

  Tom Clifford   Tech

Tom Clifford Tech

  Rohan Bhansali   Tech

Rohan Bhansali Tech

  Alec Johnson   Strategy

Alec Johnson Strategy

  Skyler Kessler   Design

Skyler Kessler Design

  E  lizabeth Liechti   Strategy

Elizabeth Liechti Strategy

  Mandy Abend   Design

Mandy Abend Design

  Ben Kosowsky   Strategy

Ben Kosowsky Strategy

  Taylor Zhang   Strategy

Taylor Zhang Strategy

  Laura Glanz   Strategy

Laura Glanz Strategy

  Maya Mashkovich   Design

Maya Mashkovich Design

  Melissa Guo   Design

Melissa Guo Design


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WU student-run Bear Studios expands to Baltimore, continues to succeed with LEAP Challenge

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 Peter Delaney and Avi Felman

Peter Delaney and Avi Felman

Bear Studios seeks Engineering students to join its team

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Student-run Bear Studios aims to promote campus entrepreneurship

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